If you’ve won the Top of The Hour dice roll, choose which glasses you’d like Kraken to wear for the next hour!

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Sunshine Glasses

Third Eye Glasses

Thug Life Glasses

Disco Cowboy Glasses

Elton's Teeth Glasses

Kraken Gradient Glasses

Black & Red 80s Glasses

80s Glasses

Glam Rock Glasses

The Red & Gold Savage Glasses

Savage Madness Glasses

OG Savage Glasses

Blue Cyberpunk Glasses

Red Cyberpunk Glasses

Green Cyberpunk Glasses

Hot Rod Glasses

Spiky Grandpa Glasses

Spiky Bling Glasses

Odin's Fire Glasses

Fire Eye Glasses

Sci-Fi Mono-Lens Glasses

Crazy Eyes Glasses

Googly Eye Glasses

Double Heart Glasses

Beer Goggles

Dollar Dollar Bills Glasses

8-Bit Thug Life Glasses

Industrial Goggles

Bat King Goggles

Aviator Glasses

Green Shade Glasses

Grille Glasses

Red Shade Glasses